Blue Kudzu Sake Opening in R.A.D. Asheville {Sake Brewery in Asheville}

Wowzers! Between our trip to Manhattan and OPENING OUR NEW LOCATION (insert crazy giddy grown ups here) at 372 Depot Street in the River Arts District of Asheville (formerly the home of The Magnetic Field theatre and restaurant), we have been very busy bees! But it is official! We’ve been working crazy hard to get our new space ready for you and are hoping, (fingers crossed) to open by the end of July. We’ve ordered our brewing equipment and that should be in place by September so that we can start our own brews this Fall.

In the tradition of our Asheville home, we’ve been upcycling as much as possible. We’ve reinvented some booth seating and even inherited a 100 year old seed counter that is to be used as our tasting counter in the tasting room. We are so excited we can hardly stand it!!!

While I wish I had a bit more to catch you up on, I know many of you are as excited as we are to be moving forward. We wanted to honor that with an update and our gratitude. Without your interests we couldn’t have come this far so, we are looking forward to serving you some delicious sake very soon!

In the meantime, there has been a bit of press about Blue Kudzu. Catch up on those articles below.


Cat (Mary, Mitch & Preston)

Mountain Xpress article on Blue Kudzu bringing Sake to Asheville

Verve Women’s Magazine on Asheville’s first sake business

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