Wowzers! Between our trip to Manhattan and OPENING OUR NEW LOCATION (insert crazy giddy grown ups here) at 372 Depot Street in the River Arts District of Asheville (formerly the home of The Magnetic Field theatre and restaurant), we have been very busy bees! But it is official! We’ve been working crazy hard to get […]

WHAT. A. WEEK!! To say this past week was intense might be an understatement. For starters, I LOVE New York. I was born just outside of Newark NJ so anytime I get an opportunity to head to the city I simply cannot pass it up. To be fair, I allowed myself one evening to really […]

Owners of Blue Kudzu Sake

Hello! How was everyone’s holiday season??? I’ve been holding off a bit for this next blog post but we have arrived! I can finally tell you about everything happening in the land of Blue Kudzu Sake. We’ve been busy little bees for some time now, tasting out with investors and of course, we had a […]

blue kudzu sake race team

Oh my goodness! These past couple of months have been crazy, exciting, and wonderful to say the least! Since our last post we’ve had several batches brewing, sponsored a race team for the Asheville Citizen Times half marathon and 5k race, been meeting with investors to finalize some details, pushing our kickstarter (SIX days left! […]

Kickstarter take TWO! So, we have been in a huge fundraising tornado over the last couple of months! We’ve been meeting with investors and discussing new campaigns and marketing strategies. We are really excited about our process! We’ve even had a sit down with a nationwide natural food retail chain about them carrying out product […]

What an exciting time this is! We want to certainly thank Mr Beer Guy himself (Tony Kiss) for an article he released into the Asheville Citizen Times “Scene” section! Check it out here! Don’t get me wrong, we have received some pretty great press support from the AshVegas bloggers (Jason Sanford and Jennifer Saylor), The […]

Well, ladies and gentlemen the kickstarter fundraiser was a bust. {insert sad music here} For those of you that might just be hearing about Blue Kudzu we had launched a crowd funding campaign via to help get our company moving. We had set up an initial goal of $25,000 and with kickstarter, they fund […]

What an AMAZING week! So, the kickstarter fundraiser has been a little lack luster though, we do seem to be gaining community buzz and press.  We were asked to speak at the breakfast meeting for the Asheville Rotary Club. Our first real presentation! We got quite a bit of really great feedback about the project […]

Sweet sweet koji love

Oh last weekend in July, how Asheville loves you so. For those of you not IN the WNC region or familiar with exactly how Asheville rolls, the last weekend in July every year we host Bele Chere (the largest festival in the Southeast). We are pretty excited really.  Today marks a one year milestone to […]

Hello!!! So exciting to be kicking off this blog site.  You know why? Because it means that we have reached the phase where we are not only brewing sake regularly, but it also means we have launched our kickstarter campaign.  {insert giddy kids here} We have been live for 4 days and reached 10% of […]